Some Good News For A Change!

Some Good News For A Change!
Well, well, well. Things just keep getting weirder. We don't dare make any political commentary, we just want to offer smiles and pick-me-ups with our unique, fabulous products.

Before all this nonsense started, we prided ourselves on our speedy service, and our lovely customers really appreciated it, too.

So... one of our junior inmates has now qualified for Day Release. This welcome change in circumstances means that we can Print, Press, Package, and Post much more frequently. (The Curmudgeon wants to call this the 4 Ps, but Daphne just sighs when he mentions it :/)

While things here are still nowhere near normal, we are pleased (and relieved) to say that our aim is to dispatch any orders recieved before 12:00 noon on the same day, excluding Sundays. For orders received after midday, we'll still try and send out the same day, but at worst they'll be dispatched the following day.

A special word of thanks to our lovely customers who've stuck with us during all these shenanigans. Your custom is truly appreciated, and we're so proud of the lovely feedback you've given us.

With love, Daphne and The Curmudgeon x
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