New Collection! For The Mermaid Wannabe

New Collection! For The Mermaid Wannabe

If Mermaids Could Buy Gifts:   Much better than a fish head, or a dinglehopper, I'm sure you'll agree...

I'm Done Adulting Lets Be Mermaids Reporter Bag

Uhh, adulting. We tried adulting earier. It was rubbish, and it just made us miserable.

Why not escape the sheer drudgery of adulting, transform into the mermaid you always knew you were, and frolic around doing mermaidy things instead?

Shh, I'm Actually A Mermaid Reporter Bag

We're ever so discreet here at O45M. We know your secret, and it's safe with us. Our lips are sealed.

Let the world know your secret, whilst simultaneously pleading for discretion. Not everyone needs to know, right?

Mermaid Off Duty Reporter Bag

Everyone needs a break, and mermaids are no exception.

Sometimes it's nice to be a land creature for a little while, and wander around on human legs. Have you ever tried going to the Bingo in your aquatic form? Absolute nightmare.

Let the world subtly know your true identity, whilst also letting everyone know you're on your break...

Rainbow Bokeh Reporter Bag

Look at the colours! The pretty colours!

In tests, 8 out 10 mermaids love these colours, bubbles, and sparkles. Rumour has it the 2 out of 10 that don't are colourblind. Oh, and miserable.

Be a happy mermaid with this beautiful bag!

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