Mugs available now!

Mugs available now!

Now available in the shop is our range of mugs. We have designs to cater for the sarcastic amongst you and for the live, love, laugh crowd (LLL) Admittedly, as Head of Sweetness and Light, I am one of the LLL (yeah I'm too lazy to type it all) crowd and love a good old quote and a picture of a unicorn to make the Dark Lord of Curmudgeonry require the sick bucket. 

However, if you would rather be on the Dark Side then we have designs for those of you who like to be sarcastic, a tad crude, swear or insulting. Maybe you feel like you work on Planet Stupid every day and want to passively aggressively annoy your office colleagues. Maybe you have a mischievious side and want to give Grandma a mug that says "I love pussy" with a picture of a cat. Is it your brothers birthday? Give him a mug with "This is what a Twunt looks like" and a hand pointing up. The Head of Curmudgeonry will have designed just the thing! (based on himself but ssshhhh I didn't say that!)

So head on over to the Mugs section and see our latest designs.

Oh and nooooo, the wooden cat in the photograph is not for sale. Sigh.


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