Important Update from Oh For Five Minute Towers

Important Update from Oh For Five Minute Towers
Dear customer,

As we move forward gingerly into a strange new world of self-isolation, social distancing, and toilet paper shortages, we have inevitably decided to make some changes that will affect you.

To minimise our contact with the outside world, we've decided to only ship parcels on Mondays and Thursdays, until further notice.

On a most peculiar note, we welcome two new members of staff - Mini Daphne, and The Junior Curmudgeon. They bring some unique "skills" to the team, including demanding snacks, whingeing, and strange, random noises.

As Daphne will be busy training our new, valued staff members, her focus will move away from new designs for the foreseeable future.

We are alive and well, and we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are too, and that you stay that way. We stay hopeful for a bright and "normal" future, however far away that may be. Never stop looking up!

We will continue to post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, however sporadically.

With love, and best wishes,

All at Oh For Five Minutes x
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