Daphne and The Curmudgeon Get Their Own Mugs

Daphne and The Curmudgeon Get Their Own Mugs
Christmas brings out the best of us here at OhForFiveMinutes Towers. Well, it does if you're a giraffe. For a certain rabbit-like creature, well, he'd rather be hibernating...

Our poor little Curmudgeon isn't really getting into the spirit of the season. He bought someone a present once, which didn't go down well, because "apparently Giraffes don't like coal". He's never made Santa's Nice List.

In fact, the only time he's ever cracked a smile during the winter months was when he spiked the punch at the office Christmas party, causing a very tipsy Daphne to fall flat on her face during the limbo competition.

If you know someone who can't wait for the whole thing to be over, then this is perfect for the Curmudgeon in your life.

Daphne has been singing carols since mid-September. Her decorations have been up all year. She's a permanent fixture on Santa's Nice List.

If you know someone who loves Christmas half as much as she does, then this is for them.
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