Christmas Gift Ideas For A Teacher

Christmas Gift Ideas For A Teacher

Tis the season to get panicky! But worry not, dear reader. We're here!

Oh my, being a parent is hard. Being a teacher? Ugh, one can only begin to imagine...

Remember that small bundle of joy you send off to school every day? Remember that nice man or lady who entertains, educates, comforts, delights, and generally has a massive, positive impact on their development and wellbeing? Wondering how you can show your appreciation of what they do not just for your cherub, but also the other less cherub-like bundles of who-knows-what they also tend to?

How about a little Christmas gift? Sure, you could go down the usual route of chocolates, wine, biscuits, or self-cleaning golf balls, or you could get them something they'll use, keep, and bring a smile during those inevitible existential crises that blight the beloved stalwarts of the educational system. Something different, something useful, something they can show off. Something that you didn't just grab at the corner shop in a low-effort moment of semi-clarity.

Who knows, maybe your little cherub will be the one they remember fondly in years to come.


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