Christmas at Oh For Five Minutes Towers

Christmas at Oh For Five Minutes Towers
Oh my. Christmas is coming. Eek!

Things are bubbling along nicely at Oh For Five Minutes Towers right now. I am, of course, referring to the sprouts that went on the hob at midnight on November 1st. Well, that and the new products our busy elves are designing and making, that will make your Christmas just that little bit more... erm... different.

Daphne is awash with excitement for our upcoming range of Tote Bags. She's an excitable creature at the best of times, but there's an extra spring in her lanky step.

Daphne is also working on some other Christmassy things. As is our grumpy little rabbit, The Curmudgeon. Oh my... save us all.

Keep an eye out for upcoming gifts that will suit even the most awkward recipient. Yes, even her. We've got you covered.
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